These are my major journal papers (book chapters and conference proceedings not included). The complete list of all of my publications can also be found on my Google Scholar profile.


  • Antonik, Piotr, Serge Massar, and Guy Van Der Sande. “Photonic reservoir computing using delay dynamical systems.” Photoniques 104 (2020): 45-48. [DOI]
  • Baruah, V., Zahedivash, A., Hoyt, T., McElroy, A., Vela, D., Buja, L.M., Cabe, A., Oglesby, M., Estrada, A., Antonik, P. and Milner, T.E., 2020. Automated Coronary Plaque Characterization With Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography and Smart-Algorithm Approach: Virtual Histology OCT. JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging, 13(8), pp.1848-1850. [DOI]
  • Nguimdo, R. M., Antonik, P., Marsal, N., & Rontani, D. (2020). Impact of optical coherence on the performance of large-scale spatiotemporal photonic reservoir computing systems. Optics Express, 28(19), 27989-28005. [DOI] [PDF]
  • Antonik, Piotr, et al. “Bayesian optimisation of large-scale photonic reservoir computers.” Cognitive Computation (in press). [arXiv]


  • Antonik, Piotr, et al. “Human action recognition with a large-scale brain-inspired photonic computer.” Nature Machine Intelligence 1.11 (2019): 530-537. [DOI] [arXiv]
  • Antonik, Piotr, Nicolas Marsal, and Damien Rontani. “Large-scale spatiotemporal photonic reservoir computer for image classification.” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 26.1 (2019): 1-12. [DOI] [arXiv]


  • Antonik, Piotr, et al. “Using a reservoir computer to learn chaotic attractors, with applications to chaos synchronization and cryptography.” Physical Review E 98.1 (2018): 012215. [DOI] [arXiv]
  • Antonik, Piotr, et al. “Random pattern and frequency generation using a photonic reservoir computer with output feedback.” Neural Processing Letters 47.3 (2018): 1041-1054. [DOI] [arXiv]


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  • Antonik, Piotr, Marc Haelterman, and Serge Massar. “Online training for high-performance analogue readout layers in photonic reservoir computers.” Cognitive Computation 9.3 (2017): 297-306. [DOI] [arXiv]


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